Karlovy Vary selects two Danish films for official competition

Paprika Steen's feature film "Aftermath", produced by Thomas Heinesen
of Nordisk Film, and Jeppe Rønde's documentary film "Jerusalem My Love",
produced by Rasmus Thorsen and Anne Diemer of Cosmo Film have been
selected for the Official Competition, in individual categories, at the
39th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (2-10 July 2004) in the
Czech Republic.
Two other films, both from the Zentropa Productions, have been selected
for side programmes at Karlovy Vary: Screening in Horizons is "In Your
Hands" by Annette K. Olesen, winner of Berlin film festival's Blue Angel
for her feature film debut "Minor Mishaps", and screening in Another View
is Aage Rais-Nordentoft's youth film "Kick'n Rush", which was received
warmly at Berlin's Panorama programme in 2004.
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival belongs to the same category
of festivals as those in Cannes, Berlin, Venice, San Sebastian and Locarno
(as established by FIAPF, International Federation of Film Producers
Represented on the Karlovy Vary Jury this year are a number of
distinguished guests including film producer Ai Ruban (USA), president of
the Jury, actor-director Vladimir Mashkov (Russia), cineaste Simon Field
(Great Britain), former director of Rotterdam International Film Festival
and actress Katarzyna Figura (Poland).
Natasha Arthy and Nimbus Film's "Old, New, Borrowed and Blue"
participated in Karlovy Vary's official competition in 2003. The film
received Best Actor Award.
"Jerusalem My Love" will be screened: Saturday July 3rd, 18:30, at
Small Hall Thermal"Aftermath" will be screened: Saturday July 3rd,
20:00, at Grand Hall Thermal
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