"Klown is fun"

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE. US critics have embraced the Danish raunchy comedy "Klown".

The Danish comedy hit "Klown" was released in theaters, on VOD and digital platforms in the US on 27 July. The raunchy comedy about the two comedians Frank and Casper who bring Frank's 12-year-old nephew on their "Tour de Pussy", has both chocked and thrilled the American critics:

"From a plot description of 'Klown', a Danish comedy that includes not only a lot of talk about the size of a 12-year-old character’s penis but also the photographing of it, you’d think the film was borderline child pornography. But it’s actually rather sweet, in its raunchy way," writes New York Times' reviewer Neil Genzlinger.

Sheri Linden from Los Angeles Times appreciates the raunchy humour and describes in her review, headed "Raunchy 'Klown' is fun", the film as "a fine juggling act of dry Scandinavian humor and boys-will-be-boys outrageousness that's both more sexually explicit and more truly risk-taking than the usual Hollywood version of men behaving badly."

Raunchy, fearless and awesome

Indiewire's Eric Kohn is even more enthusiastic and calls the film "raunchy, fearless and awesome".

"'Clown' gets its energy from constant raunch. (…) For American audiences, each gag has added appeal because it contains an uneasy humor that's often explored but never fully exploited in these parts. (…) where most comedies of this sort might wind toward a neat conclusion, "Clown" constantly veers off-path and careens toward chaos, with moments of apparent tidiness used merely to emphasize the next inevitable fuck up. Because Frank can do no right, "Clown" does a lot of it," Kohn writes and gives the film an A- grade.

"Klown" has a score of 79 % on Rotten Tomatoes

"Klown" film is distributed by Drafthouse Films in the US. It plays in select theaters in New York, Los Angeles and Austin and will expand to additional markets this week. "Klown" will also be available for rent on iTunes & VOD platforms. Read more on Drafthouse Films website.

The film is set to be remade by Todd Phillips and Danny McBride in 2013.

About Klown

Frank has just discovered that his girlfriend Mia is pregnant. Mia has omitted to tell him as she, and rightfully so, doubts his dad potential. Frank doesn't want kids, but he also doesn't want to lose his girlfriend. Meanwhile Casper, an incurable womaniser, has planned a "Tour de Pussy" for the pair, disguised as a canoe trip. Intent on showing Mia that he can be a good father, Frank insists on bringing his young nephew Bo along with them, much to Casper's dismay.

A film version of a popular TV series featuring the two renowned stand-up comedians Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam who play themselves in a satire on men trapped in a feminized world. By far the best-selling film in ten years with 855,000 tickets sold.

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