Kosmorama #259 – spring 2015

RESEARCH. The newest edition of the Danish film journal Kosmorama #259 zooms in on Lars von Trier's demonic and detached sex, what "artistic" nature the Danish silent films entail, Frank Underwood's metafictional stare, and the international impact of Danish films.

New articles from Kosmorama #259 are now available online via the website or the links below.

Forget About Love: Sex and Detachment in Lars von Trier's "Nymphomaniac"
About how sexuality only rarely appears as a shared passion between partners in Trier's cinematic universe, but more often in an emotional detached manner. The article will discuss the art of this detachment.

By Peter Schepelern, University of Copenhagen 'Kunst og kino': the Art of Early Danish Drama
About the ongoing historiographical inquiry into, and reevaluation of, the European silent film, by questioning specifically what the "artistic" nature of Denmark's finest examples entails.

About Kosmorama

Kosmorama is the oldest Danish film journal and was first published in 1954.

The editorial of the first issue of Kosmorama declared that the target readership was above all "film enthusiasts" – those who go the cinema to be enlightened and learn something about the world, unlike "film fans" who just want to "relax."

On 30 May 2013, Denmark’s oldest film journal left paper and library shelves behind and moved to the Internet.

By Vito Adriansen, Antwerp University When Fiction Points the Finger – Metafiction in Films and TV Series
About how self-reflexive concepts are common in newer films and TV series. With examples from "House of Cards," "Funny Games" and "Waltz with Bashir," this article builds on Anker Gemzøe's theory on metafiction in literature.

By Rune Bruun Madsen, journalist and film critic Strategies in the Danish Film Culture – and the Case of Susanne Bier
About using the films of Susanne Bier as an example of how the understanding of the complex patterns have developed in Danish film culture, as a result of the processes of international/Scandinavian cooperation and transnational transformation. 

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