Leth Retrospective to Bilbao

RETROSPECTIVE.  Aficionados of Jørgen Leth's works are in for a treat when a retrospective of his work opens at Bilbao Fine Arts Museum tomorrow.

Known for their formal simplicity and lack of narrative, Jørgen Leth's films have toured worldwide during the last decade, from Toronto to Athens, from Teheran to Sao Paulo. And now, to Northern Spain, where some 16 films will screen from 13 August to 1 October at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.

Bilbao audiences can meet Jørgen Leth on 1 October when the Museum has scheduled a panel discussion.


Writeup on Jørgen Leth retrospective
Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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Among Jørgen Leth's films in the retrospective are:

Erotic Man, 2010
The Five Obstructions, 2003
Haitï. Untitled, 1996
Traberg, 1992
Notes on Love, 1989
Notebook from China, 1986
Moments of Play, 1986
Pelota, 1983
66 Scenes from America, 1981
Sunday in Hell, 1976
Life in Denmark, 1972
The Perfect Human, 1968

About Jørgen Leth

Film director, journalist, poet, Jørgen Leth has directed over forty films since the early 1960s. A key figure in the 1960's milieu of experimental documentary filmmakers and advocate of Danish poetic modernism, Leth developed a unique mythic and epic approach to the genre of sports documentaries. His most renowned: "Stars and Watercarriers" (1973) and "A Sunday in Hell" (1976). His most important films are "The Perfect Human" (1967), "Life in Denmark" (1971), and "66 Scenes from America" (1981), "Haïti. Untitled" (1996?) and "New Scenes from America" (2002). "The Five Obstructions" (2003), co-directed with Lars von Trier, attracted attention at its world premiere at Venezia Festival D'Arte Cinematografica.

Leth's achievement awards and honours include a lifelong grant from the Danish Art Foundation in 1995, and the Athens Honorary Award 2009 in recognition of his multifaceted contributions to the art of filmmaking.

Read more about Jørgen Leth in FILM#Special (PDF version).