London invites five Danish films

FESTIVAL. Tobias Lindholm's "A Hijacking", already praised by international critics at the Venice Film Festival, is one of five Danish films selected for the London Film Festival in October.

To British audiences Tobias Lindholm's best-known work is likely to be his writing on the TV show "Borgen". Soon London-based fans of the Bafta-winning series will have the chance to become acquainted with Lindholm's directorial work. His feature "A Hijacking" is one of the five titles in the Danish lineup for this year's BFI London Film Festival, whose full programme was announced on Wednesday.

Lindholm's writing credits include Thomas Vinterberg's Cannes winner "The Hunt", also selected for the festival. The remaining Danish titles are Mads Matthiesen's Sundance participant "Teddy Bear", Christian Dyekjær's children's film "The Great Bird Race", and the short animation "The Secret of the Ice Flower" by Jacob Ley.

The BFI London Film Festival's new director Clare Stewart has, among other changes, introduced new focused categories with headlines such as love, debate, dare and laugh, in an attempt to make it easier to navigate among the 225 fiction and documentary features in the programme.

Danish films in London

A Hijacking by Tobias Lindholm
Section: Dare "In-your-face, up-front and arresting: films that take you out of your comfort zone"

The Hunt by Thomas Vinterberg
Section: Debate "Riveting films that amplify, scrutinise, argue and surprise"

Teddy Bear by Mads Matthiesen
Section: Love "Sweet, passionate, tough – love is a complex and many splendoured thing"

The Great Bird Race by Christian Dyekjær
Section: Family

The Secret of the Ice Flower by Jacob Ley
Section: Short fiction

BFI London Film Festival 10-21 October