Madsen and Metz at IDFA Forum

IDFA FORUM. Two of the most successful documentary directors this past year, Janus Metz and Michael Madsen, bring their next projects to IDFA's international co-financing market starting 21 November.

Janus Metz's war document "Armadillo" made headlines in 2010. Now the Danish director's next project, no less ambitious, is hitting the pitching tables at IDFA's international co-financing market 21-23 November.

Exploring life's beginnings

Co-directed with Daniel Dencik, the film entitled "The Expedition to the End of the World" takes us on a voyage of discovery to the icy inlets of Northeast Greenland.

The imagery is inspired by the iconography of the expedition film, the film being at the same time an exploration of the very first traces of life on Earth and of the inner landscapes of the human mind. 

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Visit from far away galaxies

Also in place at Amsterdam's Compagnietheater is a new project by Michael Madsen. The director of "Into Eternity", a highly acclaimed film about the challenges and paradoxes of finding safe and permanent storage systems for nuclear waste, is developing a film centering on a single, unfathomable question: How would we react to a visit from outer space?

"The Visit" is a collaboration with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and is a philosophical and at the same time very concrete examination of the various steps in a full-scale "alien emergency plan".

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Four Danish projects

Both Metz and Madsen are selected for the Round Table pitches, an intimate setup with commissioning editors and the pitch team seated at a small round table plus a limited audience.

Two more Danish titles are pitching at Forum, both as Central Pitches which take place in the main hall of the Compagnietheater: "Break of Dawn" by Berit Madsen and Radiator Film, and "Mercy Mercy" by Katrine Kjær and Fridthjof Film.

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IDFA Forum 21-23 November 2011