"Max Embarrassing" to Berlin

Danish director Lotte Svendsen's family comedy "Max Embarrassing" is selected to compete in the Generation Kplus programme at the Berlin International Film Festival (5-15 February). The film is produced by veteran producer Per Holst for Asta Film.Synopsis: Max believes that his mother is MAX embarrassing, and just keeps saying the most stupid things that make him shiver. At the same time he has totally fallen for Ophelia, a girl in his class, whom he would like to impress. But it's all very difficult, when you really wish to be among the cool guys in school, to be a good friend and at the same time you are trying to prevent your mother who is MAX embarrassing from destroying it all ...The film, based on Svendsen's successful television series, opened to enthusiastic reviews in Danish cinemas on December 5, and held 2nd place on the top ten chart after the first 10 days.This is director Lotte Svendsen's third feature film and follows her two socio-political satires "Gone with the Fish" (1999) and "What's Wrong with This Picture?" (2004). Svendsen, who has written and directed with great success for television, received the Carl Th. Dreyer Award for her work in 2000. For further information:

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Max Embarrassing 

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