May-June releases: Bird nerds and jelly biceps

NEW RELEASES. May and June offers the psychological thriller "Over the Edge" and two films for children, "Jelly T" and "The Bird Chase".

Over the Edge

In Laurits Munch-Petersen's phychological thriller "Over the Edge", computer developer David and his girlfriend Freja has just arrived at their newly bought country house close to the Cliffs of Møn, when the harmony is disturbed by an inexplicably suicide. When David realizes that their new craftsman Roar is linked to the person who fell of the cliff he starts being suspicious. David is also certain that Roar is hitting on Freja. She denies this and all Davids theories. David joins forces with the widow Veronica to solve the case and prove to Freja that he is right. But the closer he gets the truth the further away he gets from Freja. David has to risk everything to unveil circumstances that go far beyond his imagination.

"Over the Edge" is starring Jonatan Spang, comedian, actor and first time director of the upcoming comedy Chasing Talents, and Christiane Shaumburg-Müller, who also is featuring in Susanne Bier's upcoming romantic comedy "Love Is All You Need".

Director Laurits Munch-Petersen
Screenplay Laurits Munch-Petersen, Jacob Ditlev
Appearances Jonatan Spang, Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, Alexandre Willaume-Jantzen, Danica Curcic
Production Ronnie Fridthjof and Elisabeth Victoria Poulsen for Fridthjof Film
International Sales
Danish release 03.05.2012

Jelly T

After great success with "Freddy Frogface", Crone Film presents another 3D animated feature based on a classic children's book by Ole Lund Kirkegaard, the Danish author beloved for his unique brand of absurd humor and special fondness for antiheroes.

In "Jelly T", Poor Ivan Olsen is plagued by problems… bullied at school and constantly pursued by a gang whose greatest pleasure is filling his pants with water. And when Ivan gets home, his dad doesn't have much sympathy for him either because he is crazy about Tarzan and fails to appreciate Ivan's finer qualities. But one day Ivan gets the chance to live up all of his dad's expectations and give the bullies at school a lesson they will never forget… the big question is whether having superpowers makes life any easier?

"Jelly T" is directed by Michael Hegner, who also directed the animated features "Niko & the Way to the Stars", "The Ugly Duckling and Me" and "Help! I'm a Fish".

Crone Film has another Ole Lund Kirkegaard adaptation in the pipeline, "Otto is a Rhino".

Director Michael Hegner
Screenplay and animation Michael W. Horsten
Production Nina Crone and Erik Wilstrup for Crone Film
International sales Sola Media
Danish release 16.05.2012

The Bird Chase

12-year-old Victor and his father attend the Annual Ornithology Competition, where Victor wants to prove his worth by spotting the rarest bird and win 1st prize – for his father's sake. Victor's plan seems realistic, since last year's winner, Daniel, has a broken leg and is unable to attend. But Daniel shows up unexpectedly and now the match intensifies…

"My basic ambition was to make a less didactic family film with psychologically complex child characters. I think we are lacking some challenging films in the genre, films that recognise that the world of children is as complex as the adult world," says director Christian Dyekjær. Read the interview Save Us from Niceness

Director Christian Dyekjær
Screenplay Christian Dyekjær, Mette Damgaard-Sørensen
Appearances Oliver Methling Søndergaard, Lars Brygmann, Jesper Asholt, Charlotte Fich, Jesper Langberg, Georg Hvidtfeldt Treschow
Production Anders Toft Andersen and Maja Dyekjær for Nimbus Film
International Sales
Danish release 07.06.2012