Mercy, Mercy and Ghost of Piramida nominated at IDFA

Katrine W. Kjær's "Mercy, Mercy" is nominated in the First Appearance Competition, and Andreas Koefoed's "Ghost of Piramida" in the Music Competition at the IDFA 2012.

Two Danish documentaries are among the nominations in IDFA's competition programmes, which were announced on Wednesday night.

"Mercy, Mercy" by Kathrine W. Kjær is nominated in the Competition for First Appearance, and "Ghost of Piramida" by Andreas Koefoed's is nominated in the Melkweg Competition for Music Documentary.

"Mercy, Mercy" is a character-driven global tale on the catastrophic consequences of a choice made with the best intention and out of love for two children: We follow the adoption on both sides of the globe, from the biological parent´s last days with their children, through the adoption process and the first four years of the adoptive parents’ new life with the children in the West.

"Mercy, Mercy" is produced by Miriam Nørgaard, Sara Stockmann and Vibeke Windeløv for Fridthjof Film with support from the Danish Film Institute.

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Ghosts of piramida 2
The Ghost of Piramida. Photo: Efterklang

Andreas Koefoed is in Amsterdam for the fifth year running with "The Ghost of Piramida". The film follows the Danish band Efterklang investigating the melancholy aura of Piramida, an abandoned Russian mining town on the archipelago of Spitsbergen, and also the title of the band's latest album.

"The Ghost of Piramida" is produced by Andreas Koefoed and Efterklang for Koefoed Film and Rumraket with support from the Filmworkshop at the Danish Film Institute.

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The winners will be announced on Friday evening during the festival’s closing ceremony in the Compagnietheater in Amsterdam.

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