Minor coproductions — deadlines

FUNDING. The DFI supports Danish participation in international coproductions. Applications for short and documentary coproductions close 1 November 2010. Next deadline is 28 February 2011.

The DFI unit for production and development support Danish producers in their participation of minor coproductions, i.e. films with a foreign country of origin.

Short and documentary films – minor coproductions

Support to Danish producers' participation in international coproductions of short and documentary films.


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Documentary film



The purpose of subsidising Danish producers' participation in international coproductions is to promote the Danish film industry in a broad sense: strengthening partnerships between Danish and international producers, inspiring and contributing to the development of competencies in the Danish film industry, and strengthening the opportunities of Danish films in obtaining international financing. 


The Danish Film Institute can award minor coproduction subsidies to 4-6 films per year.

Requirements for applying for subsidies are:

  • The application must be submitted by a Danish production company
  • There must be Danish creative or technical participation in the production
  • A distribution deal must have been made for theatrical distribution in Denmark or broadcast on national Danish television

Case handling

Applications must be addressed to one of the film commissioners. Assessment as to which films are to be recommended for coproduction support will be made by the individual film commissioner, although the projects will be evaluated in comparison with each other and in concert with the other film commissioners, their producers and the head of the Production & Development department. 

The purpose of the procedure is to ensure a diversity of projects. The film commissioner assesses the project's artistic qualities. Also evaluated is the creative and financial collaboration between the Danish and international producer, including previous collaborations and future plans, the Danish share of the creative and technical collaboration and the project's distribution potential. 

How to apply

Please note that applications can only be sumitted by Danish producers at Danish production companies. Application forms are for this reason only in Danish. The application form can be found on the following link ...

Please address your application to one of the film commissioners for short and documentary films:

Dorte Høegh Brask (children and youth films)
Klara Grunning-Harris
Jesper Jack

Danish Film Institute
Gothersgade 55
1123 Copenhagen K


Application deadlines: 

1 November 2010
28 Feburary 2010