'Miracle' in competition at Berlin Film Festival 2001

October 13,
The Danish film
Miracle has been selected to participate in the children's film
festival 'Kinderfilmfest' to be held at the Berlin Film Festival in
February 2001.
which will be released on October 13th, is about 12-year-old Dennis who
receives a license to perform miracles. But this envious task has strings
With a bold mix of
musical numbers, farce, realism and fantasy sequences, director Natashy
Arthy turns her feature debut into a touching, amusing tale for children
and adults alike.
was produced by Birgitte Hald and Morten Kaufmann of Nimbus Film (The
Celebration). Kim Fupz Aakeson, who wrote the script for the Danish
block buster of 1999 The One and Only, wrote the screenplay.
Domestic distribution is handled by United International Pictures,
international sales by Trust Film.