Morten Giese New Feature Film Commissioner

COMMISSIONER. Editor, screenwriter and director Morten Giese is new feature film commissioner at the Danish Film Institute.

The Danish Film Institute's Board, on the recommendation of the Council for Feature Films, has named Morten Giese as new feature film commissioner. 

A 1993 editing graduate of the National Film School of Denmark, Morten Giese has worked in a number of functions in the Danish film and television industry, including editor, screenwriter, director, sparring partner and instructor at the National Film Schools of Denmark and Norway.

Commissioner System

The DFI film commissioner system aims at supporting the best projects on the merit of their content and artistic quality. Each of the six DFI film commissioners performs a subjective assessment that is grounded in a professionally competent analysis, and each is backed by a DFI producer who provides an assessment of the project's financial and technical aspects.

DFI's six commissioners 
/ as per September 2016

Feature Films 
Mikkel Munch-Fals 
Morten Giese
Åke Sandgren (children & youth)

Short and Documentary Films 
Cecilia Lidin 
Anders Riis-Hansen
Ulla Hæstrup (children & youth)

Giese, who is the editor of Per Fly's by now classical trilogy "The Bench," "Inheritance" and "Manslaughter," also cut Fly's upcoming feature, "Backstabbing for Beginners." He has edited episodes of the TV series "Follow the Money" and "The Legacy," and he directed the feature film "Love & Rage" as well as the short films "The Boy Below" and "My Dad is a Champ." 

"Morten Giese has long and in-depth knowledge of the Danish film industry," says Claus Ladegaard, the Danish Film Institute's head of film funding. "His experience as an editor, director and educator will be a huge asset in his work as film commissioner and in his collaboration with new talents and established filmmakers alike." 

As film commissioner at the Danish Film Institute, Giese's main tasks will be to artistically evaluate applications for development and production funding and recommend qualified projects for approval. 

Giese, who is replacing Hanne Palmquist, will assume his post on 19 September 2016.