New Danish releases January-March

NEW RELEASES. The next quarter sees the release of Henrik Ruben Genz' comedy drama "Excuse Me", Mads Matthiesen's feature film debut "Teddy Bear", selected for Sundance, and Nikolaj Arcel's historical epic "A Royal Affair" starring Mads Mikkelsen.


Excuse Me

Director Henrik Ruben Genz
Screenplay Maja Jul Larsen, Henrik Ruben Genz
Appearances Sara Hjort, Nicolas Bro, Stine Stengade, Søren Østergaard, Peter Gantzler, Lotte Andersen
Production Thomas Gammeltoft for Fine & Mellow A/S
International Sales TrustNordisk
Danish release 05.01.2012

A story about the beautiful but confused young woman Helene, who, according to her mother, was born as a 'technical error'. Helene suspects that her father, who left his family before Helene was born, might be the once celebrated director of a dilapidated theater in Copenhagen. Assisted by a series of bizarre coincidences and by her mother's dog (a creature in whose shadow Helene has always lived), Helene manages to get closer to her father. "Excuse Me" is a rugged, larger than life comedy about finding your place in life. About being accepted and the price you pay in doing so. It's a story about identity—amongst all creatures, including humans. From the director of "Terribly Happy" (2008).

Teddy Bear

Director Mads Matthiesen
Screenplay Mads Matthiesen, Martin P. Zandvliet
Appearances Kim Kold, Elsebeth Steentoft, Lamiaporn S. Hougaard
Production Morten Kjems Juhl for SF Film Production ApS and Beofilm
International Sales Visit Films
Danish release 26.01.2012

The 38-year-old bodybuilder Dennis would really like to find true love. He has never had a girlfriend and lives alone with his mother in a suburb of Copenhagen. When his uncle marries a girl from Thailand, Dennis decides to try his own luck on a trip to Pattaya. He knows that his mother would never accept another woman in his life, so he lies and tells her that he is going to Germany. But it isn’t long before Dennis' naive picture of what love should be like get some big bruises, and he is about to lose hope when he unexpectedly meets the Thai woman Toi, and they fall in love.

"Teddy Bear" is selected for Sundance and Göteborg
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My Sister's Kids Home Alone

Director Martin Miehe-Renard
Screenplay Jesper Waldvogel Rasmussen
Production Michael Obel for Obel Film A/S 
Danish release 02.02.2012

"Home Alone" is the fifth installment in the popular series about Uncle Erik, a professor of child psychology, and his sister's five kids who are quite a handful … Blop, Pusle, Michael, Jan and Amalie are home with Uncle Erik for three weeks. Jan and Michael accidently smash their dad's car, and the kids will have to put every ounce of energy into raising enough money for car repairs before mom and dad return home.

Park Road - the Movie

Director Mogens Hagedorn
Screenplay Mette Heeno
Appearances Søs Egelind, Søren Spanning, Henrik Prip, Anette Støvelbæk, Christian Tafdrup, Laura Drasbæk, Claus Riis Østergaard, Bebiane Ivalo Kreutzmann, Mia Lyhne, Claes Bang
Production Mie Andreasen and Tomas Hostrup-Larsen for Cosmo Film
Danish release 02.02.2012

When Elisabeth dramatically collapses at her own party, secrets are revealed and new desires spring to life for the residents of Park Road. The signal has been given for anything from swinger sex to family rows to organ theft. "Park Road – The Movie" is a comedy that celebrates life and reveals till now unknown sides of the residents on the popular road.


Hvidsten Gruppen

Director Anne Grethe Bjarup Riis
Screenplay Ib Kastrup, Jørgen Kastrup, Torvald Lervad
Appearances Jens Jørn Spottag, Bodil Jørgensen, Thomas Ernst, Marie Bach Hansen, Bjarne Henriksen, Anne Louise Hassing
Production Regner Grasten for Grasten Film
Danish release 01.03.2012

"The Hvidsten Group" is the authentic story of the spirit of one family who revolts and insists on individual freedom during World War II. It is the story of how just a few people can make a huge difference – but not without serious consequences.

Those Who Kill – Shadow of the Past

Director Birger Larsen
Screenplay Morten Dragsted, Siv Rajendram Eliassen
Appearances Jakob Cedergren, Laura Bach, Lars Mikkelsen, Lærke Winther
Production Jonas Allen and Peter Bose for Miso Film
International Sales TrustNordisk
Danish release 08.03.2012

Detective Katrine Ries Jensen and legal psychiatrist Thomas Schaeffer form a special unit at the Copenhagen Police investigating serial killings. A case from Schaeffer's past crops up. As a young psychologist, he held back from sending a patient, who was manically drawing the details of a traffic accident, to a secure hospital. Now these bloody scenes resurface, enacted as real killings. Theatrical version of TV series.

A Royal Affair

Director Nikolaj Arcel
Screenplay Rasmus Heisterberg, Nikolaj Arcel, based on a novel by Bodil Steensen-Leth
Appearances Mads Mikkelsen, Alicia Vikander, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Trine Dyrholm, David Dencik, Bent Mejding, Cyron Melville
Production Meta Louise Foldager, Peter Aalbæk Jensen and Sisse Graum Jørgensen for Zentropa Entertainments
International Sales TrustNordisk
Danish release 29.03.2012

A story about the dramatic love affair and political aspirations of Queen Caroline Mathilda and Johann Struensee, physician to the deranged King Christian VII of Denmark. Caroline and Johann dream of a better world for the populace, and through Johann's influence on the King's governance, the power of the aristocracy is diminished and reforms introduced. But it is only a matter of time before the courtiers regain a hold on their King.

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