New Danish releases October

NEW RELEASES. This month Danish cinema takes us on a wild chase through the alleyways of an African slum, gives us a wickedly funny portrait of men pondering over life and their commitments, and updates us on the latest antics of the notorious small-time crooks, the Olsen Gang.

October sees the release of three Danish feature films, Vibeke Muasya's feature film debut and drama for children 'Lost in Africa', Nikolaj Arcel's comedy 'Truth about Men' and Jørgen Lerdam's 3D animation 'Olsen Gang Gets Polished'.

Lost in Africa

Director Vibeke Muasya's feature film debut
Danish release 07.10.2010
Production Vibeke Windeløv & Karoline Leth for SF Film Production
International Sales SF Film Production
A dramatic adventure about Simon, 11, a black adopted boy who travels with his Danish mother to his country of origin, Kenya, where he finds himself hunted in the alleyways of a vast slum.
Factsheet for Lost in Africa

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Films in progress

Christoffer Boe

Class Party
Niels Nørløv
Second feature

Mikkel Nørgaard

Martin Pieter Zandvliet
Second feature

Father of Four—Back to Nature
Family entertainment
Claus Bjerre

Christian E. Christiansen
Third feature

Heidi Maria Faisst
Second feature

Comedy drama
Ole Christian Madsen

Overview of upcoming releases

Truth about Men

Director Nikolaj Arcel
Danish release 07.10.2010
Production Meta Louise Foldager & Louise Vesth for Zentropa Entertainments
International Sales
A wickedly funny portrait of a generation of men shrinking from big commitments, yet asking the big questions about life and love.
Factsheet for Truth About Men

Olsen Gang gets Polished

Director Jørgen Lerdam
Danish release 14.10.2010
Production Tomas Radoor & Thomas Heinesen for Nordisk Film & A. Film
International Sales
Animated comedy that brings us back to the legendary trio of lovable small-time crooks whose antics this time have the Queen's guards dancing cancan.
Factsheet for Olsen Gang Gets Polished