New DFI Board

Press releaseJune 22, 2001
Ms. Elisabeth Gerner
Nielsen, the Danish Minister of Culture, has appointed a new board of
directors to serve at the Danish Film Institute (DFI) from May 2001 to May
2005. Søren Kjær, who is Director of Education for Vejle county, will
continue as chair, while the former Minister of Finance, Palle Simonsen,
will become the new deputy chair.
The other members of the
board will be Bodil Nyboe Andersen (Governor of Danmarks Nationalbank,
proposed by the DFI-Council for Feature Film), Torben Krogh (journalist,
proposed by the DFI-Council for Short and Documentary Film), Eva
Fønss-Jørgensen (Head of Department at the State and University Library,
Århus; proposed by the DFI-Archive Council), Ulrik Andersen, web editor,
M.A., (elected by DFI staff), and Katrine Ring (music critic,
proposed by the Minister of Culture).
"During its first four
years of existence the 'new' Film Institute, which represents government
film policy, has reinforced all the areas identified in the Film Act,
thereby demonstrating the validity of the decision to amalgamate them into
a single organization", Søren Kjær says. "We are now entering a new phase
in which we must consolidate and develop the success of Danish cinema. The
existing subsidy schemes have been vital to its achievements, but its
investment requirements cannot be met by the DFI subsidy schemes alone. So
we note with pleasure the latest steps to set up subsidy schemes based on
industry and commerce such as an investment pool under the Business
Development Fund and the opportunity to set up regional film trusts.
Moreover, I hope that television broadcasters will also make a
contribution to the necessary increase in investment in Danish film".

Søren Kjær concludes
"The breadth of membership of the new board means that it is well equipped
to continue the work begun by the former board, extending and reinforcing
a constructive partnership with the whole of the Danish film
For further information
please contact Søren Kjær, chair of the DFI (telephone +45 7583 5333,
mobile telephone +45 4032 2496).