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ONLINE ISSUE. Read about a Danish superhero and two capitalist eccentrics who are off to the Toronto film festival and find out more about feature films to be released this fall in FILM Digital Issue for your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Travel mogul Simon Spies would purchase separate seats in cinemas for his beloved walking stick, and his friend Mogens Glistrup shocked the Danish tax system by exploiting a legal loophole to avoid paying taxes. Discover more about the two eccentrics of "Sex, Drugs & Taxation", selected for Toronto, in our fall edition of FILM Digital Issue which also presents Denmark's first real big-screen superhero in "Antboy", also off to the Toronto festival.

Read about Denmark as a co-producing country, a documentary about Native Americans selected for the Venice film festival and much more in our digital issue which also includes a catalogue section plus details on Toronto film screenings, people and companies.

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FILM Digital Issue Fall 2013

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