New head of talent scheme

NEW DANISH SCREEN. Mette Damgaard-Sørensen is appointed new artistic director of the talent development scheme New Danish Screen.

The future head of New Danish Screen, Mette Damgaard-Sørensen, comes from a position as principal at the European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark. She has served as film commissioner at the Danish Film Institute and has worked as screenwriter and script and development consultant on feature films and TV series. Early in her career, Damgaard-Sørensen was editor in chief of the Danish film magazine Ekko and worked as a film critic. She is a graduate of Film and Media Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Claus Ladegaard, head of Production & Development at the Danish Film Institute, says:

New Danish Screen

New Danish Screen mentors and supports emerging film talents and supports innovative projects of fiction, documentary, series and trans-media. 

The talent scheme was established in 2003 and is founded on a partnership between the national broadcasters DR and TV 2 and the Danish Film Institute. Funds of roughly 15 million euros have been allocated to the scheme over a four-year period 2011-2014.

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"It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mette Damgaard-Sørensen as new artistic director of New Danish Screen. She has extensive experience in film and television – as a facilitator, organiser, film commissioner, writer, and as principal at the European Film College. Having met with talents in many contexts and in various media, Mette Damgaard-Sørensen will be an asset to the Danish Film Institute's work with professional talent in film, television and trans-media."

Mette Damgaard-Sørensen succeeds Jakob Kirstein Høgel and will begin her new appointment on 1 September at the latest.