The Danish Film Institute supports boycott of collaborations with Russia

UKRAINE. The Danish Film Institute supports the call by the Minister for Culture to suspend all cooperation with Russia.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has in recent days triggered a series of sanctions and boycotts, including in the field of culture. The Danish Minister for Culture, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, has instructed all government institutions within the arts and culture to cease all cooperation with Russia, and the Minister calls on Danish cultural institutions in general to take the same consistent line.

In the case of the Danish Film Institute, the decision has so far led to the feature film 'The Pact' being withdrawn from the programme of the Moscow Film Festival. At present, no other collaborations are planned, and according to CEO Claus Ladegaard, the Danish Film Institute will not be entering into co-productions nor other types of agreements involving Russia:

"Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a tragic breach of everything that shapes a civilised world, and a tragedy that must be condemned from all sides. Of course we must not –  even in the field of film –  work with Russia under the current circumstances."