Facts & Figures with data on Danish films in 2021

PUBLICATION. A total of 23 feature films and 24 documentaries received production funding, while 9 Danish titles made it to the theatrical Top 20. Find more data about Danish film in 2021 now available in 'Facts & Figures'.

Which feature films, documentaries and games received funding in 2021, how many watched films in cinemas and on television, and what is the level of Denmark's market share compared to other European countries?

These are some of the data from 2021 now compiled in 'Facts & Figures 2022', the Danish Film Institute's annual publication with production and distribution statistics as well as numbers on gender.

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Danish Film Institute CEO Claus Ladegaard comments in the introduction of 'Facts & Figures 2022':

"We are pleased to note that admissions were on a par with a 'normal' year, even though cinemas were closed from January to May and again at the end of the year. With total admissions of 6.6 million tickets, the market share for domestic films reached 42%, an exceptionally high rate compared to pre-2020 levels." 

"Danish films also produced encouraging figures in another key area: In 2021, for the first time ever, as many female as male directors received funding for features under the Commissioner Scheme. We are delighted to see that the film industry has reached a major and crucially necessary milestone in gender balance, achieved step by step through knowledge-sharing, strong partnerships and gentle persuasion."