HBO Europe's first Danish original series greenlit for production

IN PRODUCTION. Director Annette K. Olesen begins principal photography for the first ever Danish HBO original series, 'Kamikaze', this January. The series is written by Johanne Algren, fresh off her debut with Sundance-selected 'Holiday', and produced by Ditte Milsted for Profile Pictures.

This January, production will begin on the first Danish HBO original series, entitled 'Kamikaze'. The eight-episode series is written by Johanne Algren and directed by Annette K. Olesen, known from the series 'Borgen'. 

Based on Erlend Loe's novel 'Muleum', the series tells the story of Julie, an upper-class 18-year-old who has what others can only dream of: youth, beauty and money. Lots of money. However, shortly after her 18th birthday, both her parents and her brother are killed in a plane crash in Uganda, leaving only a text message behind with the crushing words: "We are going down. Love you. Do as you please. Dad."

Julie is left behind in an enormous palace with two expensive cars in the garage. Soon, she realises she must begin an existential battle to regain life. 

"I can't think of a better story to tell an audience," says Johanne Algren, "the young human who has everything and nothing at the same time. All she sees is meaninglessness, so she embarks on a journey through it all and ends up experiencing life, not from the outside, but from the inside."

About the production

Algren made her debut as a screenwriter last year with the acclaimed feature 'Holiday', written in close collaboration with director Isabella Eklöf. The film was selected for competition at Sundance and won the annual Danish Bodil Award for best Danish feature. Algren has years of experience as an author behind several acclaimed youth novels. 

Annette K. Olesen made her debut in 2002 with the drama 'Minor Mishaps', which premiered in the main competition at the Berlinale and won the Blue Angel prize. Her second feature, 'In Your Hands', the 34th Dogme film, and the follow-up 'Little Soldier', both premiered at the Berlinale as well. She was also an episode director on the BAFTA-winning series 'Borgen'.

'Kamikaze' is produced by Ditte Milsted of Profile Pictures, the company  behind awardwinning films such as 'Darkland', 'Shelley' and the third season of the primetime series 'Follow the Money'. 

The series, which is to premiere in all countries under the territory of HBO Europe, is supported by the Danish Public Service Fund.