Silje Riise Næss joins the DFI as new film commissioner

FILM PEOPLE. Silje Riise Næss "has significant insight into creative processes as well as a great passion for communication," says CEO Claus Ladegaard about the Danish Film Institute's new film commissioner, who comes from a position at the Norwegian Film Institute.

The Danish Film Institute has appointed Silje Riise Næss as new film commissioner, replacing Morten Giese from 1 January 2019.

Silje Riise Næss comes from a similar position as Film Commissioner for Feature Films and Drama Series at the Norwegian Film Institute. She has studied literature, film and media and has, for a number of years, worked with cultural communication, including as head of programming at the House of Literature (Litteraturhuset) in Oslo.

CEO of the Danish Film Institute Claus Ladegaard says about the appointment: 

"Silje Riise Næss comes with fresh eyes, and she already has in-depth knowledge and love for Danish film. She has significant insight into creative processes as well as a great passion for communication. She has pursued her career in film, literature, performing arts, cultural events and public debate. It is a great pleasure that we have been able to attract someone like Silje to the job – and we look forward to bringing her experiences and insight into play." 

Silje Riise Næss is looking forward to working with the Danish film community and will, in her new position, be especially attentive to the films' relevance to their audiences: 

"I am very mindful of the fact that all films, both the artistically uncompromising and the entertaining genre films, should mean something to their audiences – that creators, producers and distributors together make an effort to achieve the necessary impact in a crowded cultural landscape and in the public debate. In my experience, audience awareness does not necessarily stand in the way of the creative process and artistic freedom – on the contrary, it can help to enhance the artistic character and quality of a project."

Film Commissioner Scheme

The Film Commissioner subsidy scheme aims at films that are artistically innovative and challenge their audiences. Supports features, documentaries and short films.

The DFI film commissioners aim at supporting the best projects on the merit of their content and artistic quality, performing a subjective assessment grounded in a professionally competent analysis. Each film commissioner is backed by a producer who provides an assessment of the project's financial and technical aspects.

DFI's six film commissioners
/ as per 1 January 2019

Feature films:
Mikkel Munch-Fals
Silje Riise Næss
Lotte Svendsen (children and youth)

Short and documentary films:
Anders Riis-Hansen
Cecilia Lidin
Ulla Hæstrup (children and youth)