Trine Dyrholm and Ulrich Thomsen take on Erna at War

IN PRODUCTION. Henrik Ruben Genz is adapting Erling Jepsen’s novel ’Erna at War’ for the big screen, a story about the resourceful Erna, played by Trine Dyrholm, who in 1918 goes to extreme lengths to protect her son from the hardships of war.

Trine Dyrholm, who recently garnered much acclaim for her lead in Sundance winner 'Queen of Hearts', is starring in Henrik Ruben Genz’ new drama, ‘Erna at War’.

The film takes place in the beginning of the year 1918. WWI is raging in Europe. In Germany all men and young boys are being summoned to the front, as well as Danish South Jutlanders. Erna, who lives with her simple-minded son Kalle, is becoming increasingly worried, and for very good reasons. Because even though Kalle according to the doctor is too dim to go to war, he is finally conscripted to fight with the Prussians. However, Erna does not intend to give up.

Playing across Trine Dyrholm as Erna is Sylvester Byder as her son Kalle, and the main cast also includes Ulrich Thomsen and Anders W. Berthelsen.

Bo Hr. Hansen and Henrik Ruben Genz wrote the script based on Erling Jepsen’s novel of the same name. Henrik Ruben Genz has twice before adapted Jepsen’s work for film: ‘Terribly Happy’ (2007) and ‘Excuse Me’ (2012). Genz’ latest feature, ’Word of God’ (2017), was also created in collaboration with Bo Hr. Hansen. 

'Erna at War' will be shot mainly in Denmark, Belgium and Estonia.

The film is produced by Birgitte Hald and Nynne Selin Eidnes for Nimbus Film with support from the Danish Film Institute, TV2 Danmark, FilmFyn, TV4, Estonian Film Institute, Tartu Film Fund, Belgian Film Institute and Wallimage.

The film is expected to open in September 2020.