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Want to know more about silent classics, the first Danish Film Act, the Dogme movement, the documentaries of the new millennium and much more? Then dig into more than a century of Danish cinema in our short history.
Danish Film History

Why does the Nordic crime film seem so compelling to international audiences? Because they mix suspense with ice and cold and paint a more complex picture of "the world's happiest people," one Danish producer suggests.
Cool Noir

"Dreyer is known and admired in Brazil," says Brazilian researcher Laura Erber who has spent the past three months in the Dreyer archive of the Danish Film Institute in an attempt to analyze the relationship between body and words in Dreyer's films.
From Rio to Dreyer's archive

You can find film clips from Dreyer's films, photo galleries and articles on his style and working methods on our Dreyer website that covers every angle of the legendary Danish director's work. 
Visit the Dreyer website

Browsing through recent issues of our festival magazine, we have picked these interviews with Danish directors who have made their mark internationally over the past few years: Lars von Trier, Susanne Bier, Nicolas Winding Refn, Janus Metz, Eva Mulvad, Michael Madsen ... 

Lars von Trier
The Only Redeeming Factor is the World Ending

Susanne Bier
It's Never Just Black and White

Nicolas Winding Refn
Driving into Cannes

Janus Metz
Between Heroes and Killers

Eva Mulvad
Compelling Downfall

Michael Madsen
The Chamber You Must Always Remember to Forget

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