The Nordic cinema markets

MARKET STATISCICS. According to a new analysis of the Nordic and Baltic cinema markets, Icelanders are the most eager cinemagoers, while Lithuania is the country with the fewest screens. Denmark is in the middle of both categories.

The report "Cinema Going Scandinavia" by Dodona Research shows that Denmark is placed in the middle both in terms of how much we go to the cinema, and how many screens we have in relation to population size.

Icelanders go to the cinema on average 4.7 times a year compared to 2.2 in Denmark. In comparison, Latvians and Lithuanians go to the cinema less than once a year.




Iceland also has the highest number of screens compared to population size: One screen per 7,700 inhabitants. In Denmark, we are twice as many per screen, and in Latvia and Lithuania more than 34,000 persons share a screen.

Inhabitants per screen



In the study, Dodona Research has analyzed the eight countries' cinema markets in all directions, including projections until 2016.
You can purchase the report at Dodona Research