Odense International Film Festival Awards 2004


At the closing ceremony
of the Odense International Film Festival (9-14 August) the following
awards were presented:
Awards presented
by the National Jury (Danish Short & Documentary
National Grand
Prix: "The Five Obstructions" / "De Fem Benspænd", a documentary
directed by Jørgen Leth and Lars von Trier. A duel between two artistic
temperaments, described by the Jury as "an anthropological examination of
the soul of cinema". The film has had a prolific career at
festivals, with its first international screening at Venice in
Award: "Blue Collar White Christmas" / "Nede på jorden", directed
by Max Kestner. A film about one of the consequences of globalization in a
local community. Described by the Jury as "a story told with compassion,
love and respect". The film will have its international premiere at the
Edinburgh International Film Festival, August 2004.
Award: "Rocket Brothers" / "Rocket Brothers", directed by Kasper
Torsting. A portrait of the Danish rock band Kashmir, describing the
creative processes that bring their music into being. The film will be
screened at the coming Nordisk Panorama in Reykjavik, September
Award: "The Collectors" / "Samlerne", directed by Bøje Lomholt.
About four men who guard their collections - their worlds of yesteryear -
with great care and consideration.
Jameson Short
Film Award: "Land of Mist" / "Landet I tågen", a graduation film
by documentarist Suvi Andrea Helminens from the National Film School of
Denmark. With a sense of hope, the film tracks an Albanian family's plight
through the refugee system in Denmark.
Awards presented
by the International Jury
Prix: "Fragile", directed by Jens Jonsson,
Sweden.Special Award: "Goodbye Cruel World", a short
fiction film, directed by Vito Rocco, Great Britain.Special
Award: "At 7:35 a.m.", directed by Nacho Vigalondo,
Spain.Special Award: "The Hole", an animation film,
directed by Vahid Nasirian, Iran.Special Mention:
"Scattered in the Wind", directed by Raimo O. Niemi,
Finland.Special Mention: "The Man Without a Head",
directed by Juan Solanas, France.
Youth Jury
Best National
Children's Film: "The Class Clown" / "Klassens klovn", directed
by Hans Kragh-Jacobsen.Best International Children's
Film: "Love Tricycle", directed by Andrew Goode,
Press Jury
Award: "Passing Hearts", directed by Johan Brisinger,

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