"One to One" - Olesen's third film selected for Berlin

"One to One" is selected for the Panorama programme at the 56th Berlin International Film Festival (9-19 February 2006). This is Annette K. Olesen's third feature film, and her third selected for Berlin. Her earlier films "In Your Hands" (2004) and "Minor Mishaps" (2002) ran in the official competition with the latter sweeping away the prestigious Blue Angel award.The story of "One to One" begins one Friday night in the suburbs. Per is badly beaten up and is taken to hospital in a coma. The police have no clues, so suspicion and supposition are rife. His mother struggles to maintain her faith in his survival. His younger sister, Mie, begins to pick up rumours. Her boyfriend, Shadi, of Palestinian descent, suspects that his elder brother is behind the assault, but he keeps this to himself. Many well-meaning people find themselves at sea in a fable about emotions leading us astray.     Playing leading roles are debuting actors Mohammed-Ali Bakier and Joy K. Petersen; and Anette Støvelbæk ("Italian for Beginners") and Helle Hertz ("Pure of Heart").The script of "One to One" is by renowned writer Kim Fupz Aakeson, who wrote Olesen's first two films, as well as the Danish feature by Jacob Thuesen, "Accused", which ran in competition in Berlin 2005.”One to One”, scheduled for release 27 January in Danish cinemas, is produced by Ib Tardini for Zentropa. The film is coproduced with Den der Sover Ltd/Sigma Films II, TV 2/Danmark, Zoma Films Ltd. and Invicta Capital Ltd.For further information:DFI Berlin websitewww.dfi.dk/berlinDFI factsheet "One to One"/"1:1"Danish Film Institute (DFI)Lizette Gram Mygind, +45 3374 3506, lizetteg@dfi.dkAnne Marie Kürstein, +45 3374 3609, kurstein@dfi.dkVicki Marie Synnott, +45 3374 3438, vickis@dfi.dk