Paprika Steen honoured for her work


Actress and director Paprika Steen was honoured for her work by the Chlotrudis Society at its annual award ceremony in Boston, Sunday 22 March.

Her sardonic teacher in Ole Bornedal's comic horror film "The Substitute" arrested attention in 2007. Last year, she made a poignant appearance alongside Ulrich Thomsen in Kristian Levring's "Fear Me Not".

Paprika Steen is one Danish cinema's most well-known faces. As a budding actress, Steen featured in Lars von Trier's "The Idiots" and Thomas Vinterberg's "The Celebration" and a handful of other Dogme films, making her name inseparable with the movement's early years. Since, she has been a preferred choice of many a director. Steen has also helmed two films, "Aftermath" (2004) and "With Your Permission" (2007).The Chlotrudis Society, dedicated to promote independent and foreign film, held its award ceremony in Boston for the 15th time. News brief only – not released as newsletterFor further

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The Substitute/ Vikaren
Fear Me Not/ Den du frygter
Aftermath/ Lad de små børn ...
With Your Permission/ Til døden os skiller