A Place Nearby - Danish entry for Oscar nominations

Kaspar Rostrup's feature
film A Place Nearby, produced by Nordisk Films, has been
recommended to the Academy Award nominations' committee, and has now a
chance of being nominated one of the five films in the category of
Best Foreign Language Film. The Oscar presentation is scheduled for
Sunday, 25 March 2001.
This decision was
reached by a group of representatives from the Danish film sector -
Association of Danish Film & TV-Producers, Danish Directors
Association, Danish Film and TV-Workers' Union, Association of Danish
Cinematographers, Association of Danish Screenwriters and the Danish Film
Kaspar Rostrup's work
has already been received with enthusiasm in Hollywood: A Place
Nearby was awarded European Film Award at Hollywood Film
Festival in August 2000, and Rostrup's previous feature film Waltzing
Regitze was one of the five foreign films nominated for an Academy
Award in 1990.
During the last months
A Place Nearby has participated in numerous festivals, most
recently in South Korea at the Pusan International Film Festival. In
November 2000 it will be shown at the London Film Festival.