Prominent directors in new alliance

BERLIN. A new development outfit will see six Nordic filmmakers develop and direct films set in the US.

Lone Scherfig, Per Fly, Ole Christian Madsen, Dagur Kari, Thomas Vinterberg and Janus Metz have joined forces with producers Lars Knudsen and Jay Van Hoy plus Danish producers Nikolaj Vibe Michelsen and Jacob Jørgensen to form a co-op which will see each director develop and direct a film in English for the international market.

Creative Alliance is the name of this new development outfit whose ambition it is to combine Scandinavian film traditions with the strength and scale of the US film industry. All films will be developed out of Denmark, and the focus of the company is to provide the resources for the directors to work together on individual projects, harnessing their collective experiences and individual strengths.

"For many years, some of us have talked about creating a forum for innovation, creativity and film development, where a dedicated group of people could sit around the same table and systematically discuss, challenge and strengthen each other’s ideas and projects. But not until now have we been able to realize this idea with a setup that is truly appealing," says Per Fly, one of the six directors of the co-op.

For more information, please contact:

Nikolaj Vibe Michelsen
+45 2142 6076