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THINK TANK. Two reports bring new knowledge on film and audiences in Scandinavia.

In December 2010 a two-day symposium took place for 150 Scandinavians working with film. The meeting in Copenhagen, which was arranged by the Think Tank on European Film and Film Policy, focused on what the participating countries share and how to use the synergy productively.

The symposium resulted in two reports:

Scandinavian Think Tank

The Scandinavian Think Tank (7-8 December 2010) was organised by the European Think Tank on Film and Film Policy and headed by director Henning Camre and is the first "cluster" Think Tank addressing the specific issues of countries that have more in common than what divides them. The Think Tank was financed by the Film Institutes of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and the Nordic Film and Television Foundation. Film and Media Departments of Copenhagen, Oslo and Lund Universities provided substantial qualitative and quantitative research.  

One preliminary named "A Small Region in a Global World" (PDF) presenting new knowledge about distribution, value chains, Scandinavian films on markets home and abroad, consumer behavior, production frequency analysis and public subsidies.

And one recapitulating the discussions and conclusions of the symposium: "Scandinavian Think Tank – on films, markets, audiences and film policy" (PDF). The symposium was also recorded on video.

All reports from the Think Tank on European Film and Film Policy are available at under "Papers".