Record Market Share for European Films

EUROPEAN REPORT. Denmark takes fourth place after France, Finland and Italy in the latest data from European Audiovisual Observatory on national market shares in Europe. Here are last year's numbers on European market shares and tickets per capita at a glance.

The European Audiovisual Observatory's (EAO) latest report on the cinema market in Europe shows promising results for local fare. The estimated market share for European films in the EU leapt from 26.2% in 2013 to 33.6% in 2014, which is the highest level since the EAO started to calculate the European market share in 1996.

As documented in the report's data on market shares, France takes the top spot with 44%, followed by Finland (28%), Italy (28%) and Denmark (27%).


About the European Audiovisual Observatory (EAO)

A public service body monitoring the audiovisual industry in Europe. The EAO is comprised of 40 member states and the European Union, represented by the European Commission and operates within the legal framework of the Council of Europe.

We have composed these tables showing market shares and tickets sold per inhabitant based on European Audiovisual Observatory's report. To see the numbers, move your mouse over the individual countries.


Market Shares


Tickets per Inhabitant