Romcom in swingers club

IN PRODUCTION. Charlotte Sachs-Bostrup is completing the romantic comedy "Swinger," starring Martin Buch, Mille Dinesen and Natalie Madueno. Expected domestic release later this year.

"Swinger" is a romantic comedy about a man, who does the least appropriate thing you can do in a swingers-club: He falls in love!

On the surface Adam seems to have a good life. He has a lovely wife, a soon-to-be-adult son and a steady job. But still something's missing. His appetite for life and the optimism of his youth is but a distant memory. Even the swinger-weekends that he and his wife attend regularly to spice things up have become a tedious routine. The neighbor's grass just seems greener and true happiness always elsewhere. But one day, during one of the weekend trips, what can't happen at a swingers-club, happens: Adam falls head over heels in love!

Martin Buch plays Adam, Mille Dinesen his wife and Natalie Madueño (breakout star of DR's new drama series "Follow the Money") the woman he falls in love with.

"Swinger" is written by Mikkel Munch-Fals, who was also the film's director until August 2015. Since he took office as a feature film commissioner at the Danish Film Institute, Charlotte Sachs Bostrup took over the director's job to avoid a conflict of interest. For the same reason, the DFI hired external commissioners to assess the project.

"Swinger" is produced by Stine Meldgaard, Emilie Lebech Kaae and Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen with support from the Danish Film Institute. SF Film is distributor, and the film has an expected release later in 2016.