Roos Award 2005 goes to Niels Pagh Andersen

At the opening ceremony
of cph:dox 3. November, film editor Niels Pagh Andersen received the DFI
Roos Award 2005.
Niels Pagh Andersen is
one of Denmark's most experienced editors. His editing credits include the
Academy Award-nominated "Pathfinder" (Nils Gaup, 1987), and a number of
awardwinning Danish documentary films, including Nahid Persson's
"Prostitution Behind the Veil" (2004), Lars Johansson's "The German
Secret" (2004), Pirjo Honkasalo's "Three Rooms of Melancholia" (2004), and
Helle Toft Jensen's "Hotel of Dreams" (2005),
The Jury's grounds for
choosing Niels Pagh Andersen are as follows:
. For his singular
accomplishment as a great artist in his field.
· Because his
musical ear and humble respect for his material have given us a long line
of unforgettable films over the years.
· Because he has
shown that he masters the classical story and the big canvas.
· For his artistic
courage to enter new universes and be inspired by them.
· For his fluent
ability to give, with great authority, equal due to poetry and
· For his unique
talent for developing characters.
· For the filmic
sensitivity that distinguishes all the widely different films he has put
his imprint on over the years.
· For his
professional and exquisite sense for the uses of music.
· Because he always
single-mindedly thinks of the audience - a single-mindedness whose
significance for the documentary film scene cannot be
· For his tireless
readiness and ability to support and stimulate on the countless occasions
he has been called in as an editor when things have gone wrong on a film
· For his skilled,
professional assistance, also to the minor players in the film
The Roos Award was
established a decade ago by the Danish Film Institute with the aim of
honouring outstanding efforts in documentary filmmaking.
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