San Sebastian world premiere for "Daisy Diamond" and "Echo"

Danish films have a strong presence at this year's San Sebastian International Film Festival, with two world premieres, 12 feature films in Cold Fever, and a TV series in Zabaltegi. The festival will take place from 20-29 September.

"Daisy Diamond" by Simon StahoSimon Staho's "Daisy Diamond", selected for the Official Competition, will hold its world premiere in San Sebastian. The film tells the dramatic tale of Anna, who moves to Copenhagen to pursue her ambition of becoming an actress, while also looking after her baby girl. This combination soon turns complicated.

Simon Staho and Peter Asmussen wrote the screenplay, and Jonas Frederiksen produced for XX Film, in co-production with Tju-Bang and Sonet Film. In the title role is Swedish Noomi Rapace, while the remaining cast includes Danish Trine Dyrholm, Sofie Gråbøl and Stine Stengade, all three of international renown. "Daisy Diamond" will be released in Danish cinemas 23 November.

"Daisy Diamond" is Staho's fourth feature film to run at San Sebastian.

"Echo" by Anders MorgenthalerAnders Morgenthaler's "Echo", selected for the Zabaltegi programme, will also hold its world premiere in San Sebastian. With Kim Bodnia in the lead, "Echo" is the story of Simon, a police officer, who has lost custody of his six-year old son in a divorce. In desperation, he abducts his son to spend a holiday alone with him. But their week together brings back a nightmare from his childhood.

Mette Heeno and Anders Morgenthaler wrote the screenplay, Sarita Christensen produced for Zentropa. "Echo", Morgenthaler's second feature film, will be released in Danish cinemas in January 2008.

TV series "Performances" by Per FlyPer Fly's TV drama in 6 episodes, "Performances", written by Lars Kjeldgaard and Kim Leona, is chosen for a Special Screening in the Zabaltegi section. Well-known for his award-winning societal trilogy: "The Bench" (2002), "Inheritance" (2003) and "Manslaughter" (2005), the two last mentioned films competed at San Sebastian Festival, and "Manslaughter" took home the award for Best Screenplay.

12 Danish films in Cold FeverA total of 38 films from the five Nordic countries will form the retrospective entitled: Cold Fever — New Nordic Cinema. The Danish films are: "Breaking the Waves", "Pusher", "The Idiots", "The Celebration", "Italian for Beginners", "Open Hearts", "Inheritance", "Day and Night", "Offscreen", "Princess", "A Soap", and "The Art of Crying".

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