Sao Paulo awards first Danish-Brazilian co-production

AWARD. Carlos Oliveira's directorial debut "Rosa Morena" wins a special prize at São Paulo International Film Festival. A Brazilian living in Denmark, Oliveira explores the issue of rich Westerners adopting babies from lesser developed countries, but without ending as a cliche, as one festival critic wrote.

"Rosa Morena" received the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs award – the Prêmio Itamaraty – at the São Paulo International Film Festival's closing ceremony on Thursday, 4 November. 

Unfamiliar story

Carlos Oliveira's debut feature was well received at the film's opening festival screening, which also marked the film's world premiere, and judging from the Q&A that followed, the audience was moved by a story not too familiar in Brazil. According to one local reviewer, the film is  a dense and realistic story full of drama fuelled on the old cliché about rich Europeans hunting for kids to adopt in underdeveloped countries. "But the cliche ends here," the review states.


An Unequal Bargain  

Carlos Oliveira

Born 1974, Brazil. Brazilian director living in Denmark since 2000. Worked with short and feature films since 1992 – as assistant director, script supervisor and writer. Studied architecture in Rio de Janeiro and film and media in Copenhagen. Was a member of the Copenhagen-based film network and alternative film school Super16, 2003-06, graduating with "Three Summers". "Rosa Morena" is Oliveira's first feature film.

"Rosa Morena" explores the question of the legitimacy of wealthy, childless people offering poor families with many children to get out of poverty by selling a child. Thomas, a 40-year-old architect, goes to Sao Paulo to realise his dream of becoming a father. Thomas' problem is that, as a single gay man, he can't adopt in Denmark.

First DK-BR production

This first Danish-Brazilian collaboration is produced by Astrid Hytten and Thomas Gammeltoft for Fine & Mellow and, on the Brazilian team, Hank Levine and Ivan Teixeira for Master Shot Media.

"Rosa Morena" is out in Brazilian theatres in March.

São Paulo International Film Festival 21 October - 4 November