See You wins Giffoni's Best Short Fiction

"See You", the Danish short fiction film by Jesper Waldvogel Rasmussen, was honoured with Best Short Film at Giffoni Experience, one of Europe's hottest spots for films for children and young people. The film participated in the Generator +13 programme.

The film is about Nete whose world collapses when her twin brother Noah is killed in a car accident. Months later her parents decide to move to Copenhagen to start anew. Nete, still deeply traumatized by her brother's death, begins in a new school — but the day she starts, a new boy also arrives. To everyone else he is just the new boy, but Nete is in total shock because the boy looks exactly like the brother she lost ...

Rasmussen wrote and directed this directorial debut, and Nina Lyng and Eva Juel Hammerich produced for Nepenthe film.


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