Six challenges from Lars von Trier

PARTICIPATE. While we wait for his next film "Nymphomaniac", Danish director Lars von Trier is setting the rules for a user-generated film project which invites people around the world to reinterpret six iconic art works through film or sound.

An experiment in collective global creativity, "Gesamt" invites audiences to participate in the creation of a Gesamtkunstwerk by submitting five-minute film or sound material. Anyone can participate, as long as you accept the challenge set by the project's game master Lars von Trier: to be inspired by six major pieces from the worlds of art, architecture, music, literature, drama, and song.

The six art works:

James Joyce's novel "Ulysses"
August Strindberg's play "The Father"
Albert Speer's monument Zeppelinfield in Nürnberg
Paul Gauguin's painting "Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?"
César Franck's musical improvisations
Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Choreography"

"Gesamt" is open for submission through 6 September, and the final work, which can be up to four individual films, will be edited by Danish director Jenle Hallund and make its world premiere on 12 October in Copenhagen.

"Gesamt" is part of Copenhagen Art Festival, running from 24 August throughout the fall.

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