Six months of Danish cinema

EU PRESIDENCY. Films by Susanne Bier, Lars von Trier, Nicolas Winding Refn and several more are making their way to film buffs across Europe. Over the next six months, the Danish Film Institute and local partners present numerous film events on the occasion of the Danish EU Presidency.

While Denmark will be leading political negotiations in the EU Council of Ministers over the next six months, the cultural agenda of the Presidency spells Danish cinema and film culture. 

The Danish Film Institute has launched four initiatives which aim to promote Denmark as a film nation during the Presidency, giving European audiences and film professionals a chance to get closer to the films, the filmmakers and the policies.

Among the initiatives is a Blu-ray box of twenty films – from household names like von Trier, Bier, Refn and Leth to internationally lesser known directors – which is sent out to Danish embassies and cultural institutes in order for them to arrange screening events with local partners.

Christian Juhl Lemche, who was elected president of the European Film Promotion in December, is in charge of the project running through to 30 June.

Website and special issue on Danish cinema

Get the full view of the initiatives during the Presidency at where you can download our special EU issue – 98 pages on Danish cinema with essays and news bites garnished with images of films and film people, also available below.