Sofie Gråbøl and Lars Mikkelsen in The Day Will Come

IN PRODUCTION. Director Jesper W. Nielsen has started shooting "The Day Will Come," a drama inspired by true events starring Lars Mikkelsen and Sofie Gråbøl.

A nine-week shoot has started on Jesper W. Nielsen and Zentropa's "The Day Will Come," a drama that reunites Lars Mikkelsen and Sofie Gråbøl who last paired up in the first season of "The Killing" from 2007.

Jesper W. Nielsen, who helmed "Through a Glass, Darkly" (2008) and has signed numerous episodes of television series "Borgen" (2011-2013) and "Dicte" (2014), is bringing out a story developed and written by Søren Sveistrup, a prolific writer for TV including "The Killing."

"The Day Will Come," based on true events, is set in the blooming 1960s and centres on two young brothers who are robbed of their lives when they are placed in a boy's home forgotten by time. Armed only with a vivid imagination and a fickle hope, the boys engage in the frightening battle against Headmaster Heck and his lethal tyranny.

The two young leads are played by feature film debutants Harald Kaiser Hermann and Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt. The adult cast consists of Lars Mikkelsen ("House of Cards"), Sofie Gråbøl ("Fortitude," "The Killing"), Lars Ranthe ("The Hunt"), Sonja Richter ("The Keeper of Lost Causes"), and David Dencik ("The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo," "A Royal Affair").

Peter Aalbæk Jensen, Sisse Graum Jørgensen, og Louise Vesth are producing for Zentropa with support from the Danish Film Institute. Danish release is set for spring 2016.

About Jesper W. Nielsen

Born august 1962, Denmark.

"The Day Will Come" is directed by Jesper W. Nielsen. Nielsen previously directed the successful Danish drama "Okay" (2002) which was nominated for the Golden Leopard and won the C.I.C.A.E. Award – Special Mention at Locarno Film Festival in 2002. Since then Nielsen has directed feature films such as "Through a Glass, Darkly" (2008) as well as numerous episodes for a number of Danish TV series including "Borgen"(2011-2013) and "Dicte" (2014).