Super Brother and The Mouse win at BUFF

AWARDS Birger Larsen's Super Brother and Piil Maria Gunarsson's The Mouse were honoured at Malmö's BUFF, the film festival for children and youth in Southern Sweden.

Super Brother

Birger Larsen's "Super Brother" – the feature film winner at this year's BUFF in Malmö brought home Sydsvenskans & BUFF Award. "Whether Danish Birger Larsen inspires polar bears to dance or whether he lets havoc play in the modern day family, his work carries the distinctive mark of the best Nordic children's films; a style with humour and warmth. In his new film "Super Brother", scripted by Åke Sandgren, Larsen has given us an exciting and unique story where school, family, human handicap and responsibility are the balls with which he is juggling," applauded the Jury.

"Super Brother" was selected for Berlin's Generation 14Plus, 2009. The film was produced by Åke Sandgren for Nordisk Film.


BUFF Film Festival
16-20 Mar 2010

The Mouse

Pil Maria Gunnarsson's short film "The Mouse" received the Region Skånes Short Film Award. "A low-key drama about the short distance between infatuation and jealousy. Together with his young actors, the director has been able to show the complexity of a young and fragile heart," said the Jury in their motivation.

"The Mouse", produced by Mia Marie Borup for Cosmo Film, was selected for Berlin's Generation Kplus 2009.