Super Brother to Berlin

Birger Larsen's family film "Super Brother" has been selected for competition at the Berlin International Film Festival in the Generation Kplus section.

"Super Brother" is the first Danish film selected for the 60th Berlin International Film Festival (11-21 February 2010). The film will participate in the Generation Kplus programme.

When big brother becomes superman

In "Super Brother", 10-year-old Anton is desperate to have a 'real' big brother. Ever so often, he has set his own needs aside for the sake of his autistic big brother Buller, and Anton longs for him to be the brother he never had, strong and daring and one to defend him against the bullies at school. But the only thing Buller can think of is space. Then, when a Super Trip Remote from outer space lands nearby, Buller suddenly becomes the super brother Anton has always dreamt of, and powerful forces are unleashed.

"Super Brother" is directed by Birger Larsen, written by Åke Sandgren, and produced by Nordisk Film. It features Lucas Clorius, Viktor Kruse Palshøj, Anette Støvelbæk, Andrea Reimar, Nicolai Borch Kelstrup, and Frank Thiel.

Director Birger Larsen made his first feature film in 1990 with the popular "Dance of the Polar Bears", which received both a Bodil and a Robert for Best Danish Film. Birger Larsen made another children's film, "The Big Dipper" in 1992, and he received an Oscar nomination for the short fiction "Sweathearts" in 1996. Subsequently, he has made films in Sweden and directed commercials and television drama in both Denmark and Sweden.

"Super Brother" previewed at the 2009 Buster Copenhagen Film Festival for Children and Youth, where it received the Audience Award.

Generation films on DVD—includes three Danish winners

Generation released, in 2007, the “Berlinale Edition”, a selection of DVDs of international films in their programme. Each year the series is expanded. The 12 film-series available to date includes three Danish classics:

"Wallah Be" (2002, Pia Bovin)
"Send More Candy" (2001, Cæcilia Holbek Trier)
"Miracle" (2000, Natasha Arthy)

About the release, Generation's director Maryanne Redpath comments: "The DVD edition resurrects a number of highlights from previous festivals and makes them available to past fans and future generations of viewers. These films stand for what we aspire to achieve with the Berlinale: to present intelligent entertainment and new ways of looking at young people's lives."

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