Support for Young Ugandan Film

ACROSS BORDERS. The Danish Film Institute is behind an extensive film initiative for young people in Uganda, inspiring the young generation to experience, understand and create films.

Youth & Film Uganda is the headline of the Danish Film Institute's new initiative, combining mobile cinemas, film festivals, master classes for film professionals, teaching in film production – all directed at young people between ages 13 and 19.

The Danish Film Institute, along with the Danish Center of Culture and Development, the Danish Embassy and The Maisha Foundation in Uganda, is behind this new 3-year culture programme aiming to bring the young population of Uganda together across regional and political boundaries.

"It's a big challenge to show films and perhaps sow the seeds of a film culture among the young of Uganda," says Charlotte Giese of the Danish Film Institute. "It's a society where children and youths traditionally are raised to obey their parents and teachers. To watch films from all over the world, to have an opinion about films and to tell your own story on film isn't commonplace in a country like Uganda – though there are plenty of stories to tell!"

"Youth & Film Uganda is meant to introduce films to children who didn't get the chance to be children," Miriam Odoka of Maisha Film Lab explained during a visit to Copenhagen last year. "By watching and making films the project can expand their perspective on life so they can engage in dialogue with the rest of the world."

In 2011 the Danish feature films "We Shall Overcome" by Niels Arden Oplev and "Fighter" by Natasha Arthy will screen for young people in Kampala and Gulu.

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Denmark has a long tradition of producing films targeted at youths and of including films in teaching. These experiences will come into play in Uganda 2011-2013 in collaboration with Station Next and CPH:DOX/DOX:LAB from Denmark and Amakula Film Festival and Straight Talk Foundation from Uganda.