Timetrip to Toronto

Mogens Hagedorn's feature film debut "Timetrip" will receive its North American premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, in the programme Sprockets Family Zone.

What reviewers said

"The quality of Danish children's films is given a boost with "Timetrip", wrote film reviewer Morten Dürr in the Danish daily Børsen. He added that Hagedorn has tackled his actors, Jonas Wandschneider and Clara Maria Bahamondes, in such a way that their performances are natural and played with considerable gusto. Ann Lind Andersen of the daily Berlingske Tidende wrote that had the film been a US production, Wandschneider, with his appearance and presence on the screen, would have become the next teenage idol.

"Timetrip", released in Danish cinemas 27 March 2009, was produced by Mie Andreasen and Lea Løbger for Cosmo Film A/S.


Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF
10-19 Sep 2009ht

Producers of Timetrip
Mie Andreasen, +45 2248 1539, ma@cosmo.dk
Lea Løbger, +45 2617 7377, lea@cosmo.dk

International sales
Susan Wendt, TrustNordisk: susan@trustnordisk.com

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Toronto — America's best sales platform

For four consecutive years, Danish children's films have been selected for Sprockets Family Zone: Thomas Borch Nielsen's "Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms" in 2008, Ole Bornedal's "The Substitute" in 2007, and A. Film-duo Michael Hegner and Karsten Kiilerich's "The Ugly Duckling" in 2006. These films reaped both extended sales and admirable mention at Toronto, North America's best sales platform.