Toronto applause

Talk, sales and interest surrounded Danish films and their delegations at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), North America's most important sales platform.

Five Danish films were selected for TIFF. Films were sold, others gathered sales interest, and there were approving nods from critics.

Profoundly disturbing Antichrist

Lars von Trier's controversial "Antichrist", which appeared in TIFF's Masters programme, is sold to most world territories including the US and Canada. The North American premiere is scheduled for 23rd October. Read the festival write-up for Antichrist by Steve Gravestock, TIFF Artistic Director.

Daring and audacious Valhalla

"Valhalla Rising", directed by Nicolas Windin Refn, selected for TIFF's prestigious Special Presentations programme, was enthusiastically welcomed by 1400 spectators at a packed auditorium. Two thirds of the audience remained to listen to Q&A's with Refn and leading player Mads Mikkelsen. Presales and sales prior and during Venice and TIFF, include countries: Canada, US, Brazil, India, Turkey and Germany, to name a few.  Read Gravestock's presentation of Valhalla Rising.

Danish diva recommended for US audiences

While sales are still waiting to be finalized, Paprika Steen, star of Martin Pieter Zandvliet's feature film debut "Applause" drew the attention of critic Marshall Fine: "This is one of the most revealing family dramas of its type since "A Woman Under the Influence" — and Steen's work needs to be seen by American audiences".

Dante's inferno in West Jutland

"Deliver Us from Evil" was sold to Canada and Germany while other key territories are currently being negotiated. This is Ole Bornedal's second film in three years to be selected for TIFF; his family film "The Substitute" was selected for Sprockets Family Zone in 2007.

Family adventure

A lively discussion followed the screening of "Timetrip", reported producer Rasmus Thorsen. This is Mogens Hagedorn's feature film debut, which appeared in Sprockets Family Zone. The film is sold to Germany and over twenty countries in Latin America. Worthy of note, Danish critics were impressed by young actor Jonas Wandschneider.

Successful launch of High Five Toronto — distribution support scheme

40 distributors of Nordic films gathered at Nordisk Film & TV Fond's launching of the new initiative: a one-off support scheme for distributors who wish to acquire the rights to Nordic films screening at this year's TIFF. Also attending the event were festival programmers from Sundance, Tribeca, Directors Fortnight Cannes, Munich and Berlin.