Trier's Dogumentary concept to challenge Scandinavian directors

Press release15.10.2002
The Danish Film
Institute is supporting Zentropa Real's latest initiative in which six
prominent Scandinavian directors have agreed to make films adhering to the
nine rules in Lars von Trier's Dogumentary, a concept designed to inspire
debate on the reality, ethics and productions of future
Trier - who sees documentary film as having distanced itself from
reality and become a muddle of manipulative sounds and images far from the
real life that these films claim to portray - has drawn up a set of rules
to ensure that documentary film be brought back to reality. Trier wants to
see "the pure objective, credible depiction of real life revived".
The rules impose a series of restrictions on the filmmaker of the
Dogumentary: Lighting and images may not be manipulated. Artificial
lighting, optical effects, filters or the like may not be employed. The
sound track must not be produced separately from the visuals, meaning that
narrative commentary or music may not be added later. Reconstructions and
any direction of the participants are outlawed. Concealed cameras and
archive footage are banned. Any cuts in time must be shown by 6 to12
frames of black. The start of each film will consist of the director
explaining the intentions and concept behind his film. The final two
minutes are at the full disposal of the participants for their comments.

The directors - all selected for having developed strong individual
methodologies in their previous work - include Klaus Birch and Michael
Klint, two of Denmark's distinguished directors of primetime television
documentaries; Danish Sami Saif, co-director of 2001 Joris Ivens
award-winner "Family"; Norway's Margreth Olin, whose latest film "My Body"
will participate in the Silver Wolf competition; Danish Bente Milton whose
"Children of Gaia" and "Allison's Baby" have won international renown; and
Swedish Pål Hollender who has produced the most controversial Nordic films
in recent years, exploring issues of sexual and national politics in
"Pelle Polis" and "Bye, Bye Beauty".
Carsten Holst from Zentropa Real will produce the films with backing
from the DFI and DR TV (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), as well as from
the Swedish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Fund, Nordic Film &
Television Fund and the television stations NRK, SVT and Canal+
The films will be given a commercial release in 2004 in connection with
a seminar which will bring to light the experience gained from Dogumentary
and discuss the developments within the genre.
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