Two Danish films nominated at IDFA, Amsterdam

release25 November

On 24
November, two Danish documentary films were nominated for awards at the
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, IDFA. Jeppe Rønde and
Cosmo Doc's "The Swenkas" was nominated for the prestigious Joris Ivens
Award, and Max Kestner and Barok's "Max by Chance" for the First
Appearance Award.

Pirjo Honkasalo's "The 3 Rooms of Melancholia", a Danish co-production
and a winner at the cph:dox film festival 2004, is nominated for the
Amnesty International Award at IDFA.

"The Swenkas"
is the story of a group of Zulus in the area around Soweto in South
Africa, who organize weekly contests for the title of best-dressed man.
Every Saturday night they lay aside their work clothes and parade around
in flashy attire, as a way of earning respect and becoming

Kestner's "Max by Chance" is an offbeat self-portrait, a quirky film in
which the filmmaker, with basis in personal experiences, juggles concepts
of joy and sorrow with an eye for both details and the big

films have been nominated at IDFA before. In 2000, Tómas Gislason and Bech
Film's "Maximum Penalty" was nominated for the Joris Ivens Award, and in
2001 Sami Saif and Phie Ambo won the award for their film "Family",
produced by Cinevita Film Company.

Amsterdam is recognized as the most important documentary film festival
internationally. Each year, 20 films out of a total of 1500 are selected
for the Joris Ivens Competition. Three of the 20 films receive a
nomination on the sixth day of the festival. Equally, three films are
nominated for other awards at IDFA.

IDFA award ceremony takes place on Friday 26 November at 8

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