UK festival focus on Danish docs

The laurels bestowed upon recent Danish documentaries have caught the attention of Sheffield Doc/Fest, the UK meeting place for European documentarists. This year Sheffield has scheduled a special focus entitled Danish Docs, which includes two seminars, and screenings of new Danish documentaries and classics.

Among the films selected are Max Kestner's "The World in Denmark", Pernille Rose Grønkjær's "The Monastery", Eva Mulvad's "Enemies of Happiness", and Kent Klich and Mikala Krogh's "Beth's Diary".

The film classics include Jørgen Leth's "Life in Denmark" from 1972, and Jon Bang Carlsen's "It's Now or Never" and "How to Invent Reality", both from 1996.

The seminars, attended by Danish film professionals, will illuminate on the Danish approach to production, financing and talent development, and discuss the significance of editing in Danish documentary filmmaking.
Four Danish documentary film projects, currently in development, will participate in the Meetmarket, a financial forum, attended by film financers, and commissioners from TV channels. The four projects are: "Burma VJ's" by Anders Østergaard, with producer Lise Lense Møller of Magic Hour Films; "Complaints Choir" by Ada Søby Bligaard, with producer Morten Kjems Juhl of Fine & Mellow Productions; "Little Earthquakes" by Jeppe Rønde, with producer Henrik Veileborg of Cosmo Doc; and "Prophecy" by Phie Ambo, with producer Sigrid Dyekjær of Social Club Productions.
The DFI's annual documentary edition of FILM #, fresh in print, is available at Sheffield Doc/Fest. Read, among other articles, Jon Bang Carlsen, Max Kestner og Jørgen Leth's "A Poetics of Cinema”. This can be accessed online: FILM#60.For further information:

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