Undercover in the heart of Africa

NEW FILM. Armed with cufflinks, a cigarette holder and a diplomatic title, Mads Brügger is on a mission to the Central African Republic to uncover murky games in his upcoming film "The Ambassador".

The last time he made use of his controversial methods was in his Sundance winner "The Red Chapel" which took him and his co-conspirators to North Korea. Now Mads Brügger is on a mission to another extreme country, the Central African Republic.

In "The Ambassador", Brügger is travelling on an actual diplomatic passport to the former French colony under the guise of opening a match factory, while actually using this privileged position to discover another truth about Africa.

"That seemed like a good jumping-off point for a film about Africa stripped of NGOs, sarongs, Bono, child soldiers and kids with bloated bellies, a film about the kind of people you never see in documentaries on Africa: white businessmen and the diplomats, the fat cats in the urban centres, all the people who are in Africa having a great time."

Read interview and watch trailer

Read the entire interview with the Danish documentarist in our latest edition of FILM, The Man With the Yellow Hat Gone Bad, and have a look at the film's first official trailer below.

"The Ambassador" is out in Danish cinemas on 5 October.