A unique concept from the Danish Film Institute is on the road

Opening on June 24 is FILM-X ON THE ROAD, a mobile, interactive film studio for children and teens modeled on the Danish Film Institute's FILM-X in Copenhagen. The world premiere will be celebrated in London at the BFI Southbank.

FILM-X ON THE ROAD is a mobile, interactive film studio giving children and teens the unique opportunity to make their own films. A gateway to the magical world of film, the studio offers insights into technology, illusion, storytelling and the production process. 

Car chase in a green Morris Minor
FILM-X ON THE ROAD consists of a green Morris Minor equipped with microphones, and two editing stations. The set is ideal for 8-12 children working at the same time. They may choose between various pre-set background films, say a car chase, serving as frames for their own scripts. Working in crews, the children direct, act, shoot, edit and design the sound for their films.

Instructors walk them through the production process, sharing practical and theoretical film knowledge. In a few hours, the children make their own films, which they can then screen and take home on DVD.

First stop: London
FILM-X ON THE ROAD makes its first stop at the BFI Southbank, staying from June 24 to August 20. During these two months, the interactive film studio will offer children and teens in London the possibility of practical film experience.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary, Danish Minister of Culture Brian Mikkelsen, and head of the DFI Film Workshop Prami Larsen will be present at the opening ceremony held at 3 p.m. on June 24 at the BFI Southbank – together with a crew of children sampling the new studio. The British press, Danish correspondents as well as British partners on the project are invited.

FILM-X ON THE ROAD in London is held in collaboration with the British Film Institute and the Embassy of Denmark.

FILM-X in Copenhagen
The mobile studio is inspired by FILM-X at the Danish Film Institute's Cinematheque in Copenhagen. Ever since it opened in 2002 FILM-X, a larger studio with no less than five separate studios, a sound studio and editing computers, has been a resounding success.
FILM-X is frequented annually by more than 10,000 pupils and 4,000 individual visitors, and hosts a large number of educational activities.  

The journey continues
In Denmark and abroad, there has been a great deal of interest in this unique concept in film education, which also represents digital innovation and Danish design at its best. Consequently, the Danish Film Institute decided to spin off a mobile version: FILM-X ON THE ROAD, containing the essence of FILM-X in Copenhagen.

After its visit in London, FILM-X ON THE ROAD will travel to Filmbyen in Aarhus, Denmark. Over the next few years, FILM-X ON THE ROAD will continue its journey in Denmark and around the world, aiming at providing unique experiences for children and teens and strengthening international cultural exchange in the area of film.

A studio in a box
FILM-X ON THE ROAD arrives at the host location in 10 shipping containers. The studio including car and editing stations needs plenty of room: 20 m2 for the studio and 10 m2 for the editing stations. Moreover, there has to be good access conditions, a solid floor, good lighting, acoustics and ventilation, and a small "cinema", plus staff for teaching and technical operation.

Read more on FILM-X ON THE ROAD: www.dfi.dk/filmx/ontheroad/English 
Factsheets, photos and drawings: Pressroom
Read more on FILM-X in Copenhagen: www.dfi.dk/filmx/english

For further information:

Danish Film Institute
Prami Larsen, Film Workshop, pramil@dfi.dk, +45 2020 8544
Charlotte Giese, Children & Youth, charlotg@dfi.dk, +45 2332 9030
Kari Eggert Rysgaard, Educational Services, FILM-X, karir@dfi.dk, +45 2556 7050
Lars Fiil-Jensen, Press contact in Denmark, larsf@dfi.dk, +45 2032 8121

FILM-X ON THE ROAD is the product of a lot of people working together:

Idea and project management
Prami Larsen, head of the DFI Film Workshop, pramil@dfi.dk,
+45 2020 8544
Charlotte Giese, head of DFI Children & Youth, charlotg@dfi.dk,
+45 2332 9030

Barbara Rovsing Olsen, project coordinator DFI Children & Youth, barbarao@dfi.dk, +45 2286 9043

Instruction planning
Kari Eggert Rysgaard, head of Educational Services, FILM-X, karir@dfi.dk,
+45 3374 3670

Design and display concept
Lone Isaksen, designer, POCO PIU DESIGN
Ida Toldbod, display consultant

Digital platform
Jeppe Raasthøj, multimedia designer, Fenris Film & Multimedia
Kim Lysgaard Andersen, software developer, Fenris Film & Multimedia
Poul Vestergaard, technical director, DFI Film Workshop

Background films, music and sound archive
Thomas Borch, Anders Morgenthaler, Mikkel Serup, Mikkel Stolt and Fuzzy

Regitze Oppenhejm, project manager FILM-X – and everyone else who had a hand in developing FILM-X

The Danish Ministry of Culture
The Egmont Foundation
The Nordisk Film Foundation
SIK, the Committee for International Cultural Cooperation under the Danish Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs