Upcoming action drama set in criminal underworld

IN PRODUCTION. Fenar Ahmad ("Flow") started shooting his second feature, action drama "Darkland," starring Dar Salim and Stine Fischer Christensen. Danish release expected in January 2017.

Fenar Ahmad, who made his feature debut with rapper drama "Flow" in 2014, started shooting his second feature, action drama "Darkland", last week.

The film follows Zaid, a successful surgeon who lives in a fancy apartment with his pregnant girlfriend. One night Yasin, Zaid’s younger brother, knocks on his door and again asks his brother for money, but Zaid refuses to help. Shortly after, Yasin gets assaulted and killed, and Zaid is hit by a strong feeling of guilt and sorrow. His sorrow turns to anger, and Zaid embarks on a mission in the criminal underworld of Copenhagen to avenge his brother’s death. But the mission has serious consequences for Zaid and his family, and he has to decide if the price of revenge is worth it all.

Dar Salim ("A War" and "A Hijacking") plays Zaid, and Stine Fischer Christensen ("After the Wedding") plays his girlfriend. They are joined by Jacob Lohmann, Roland Møller ("Land of Mine"), Ali Sivandi ("Flow") and Dulfi Al-Jabouri ("A War").

Fenar Ahmad has co-written the script with Adam August. Kasper Tuxen is cinematographer, Kasper Leick editor and Peter Albrechtsen sound designer. The music is composed by Jens Ole McCoy from the Danish hiphop duo Ukendt Kunstner. The film is produced by Jacob Jarek for Profile Pictures with support from the Danish Film Institute.

Domestic release is scheduled for 19 January 2017.